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Hailing from nearby Bicester, Abingdon Felt Roofing have been installing flat roofing and conducting felt roof repairs on homes and commercial properties in Oxford and its environs for over 25 years. Our fully qualified and insured roofing specialists can carry out work seven days a week. Whether your residential home or commercial property requires GRP fibreglass flat roofing or layered bituminous felt roofing, we can carry out work promptly and efficiently, with the utmost quality assured and generous guarantees offered.


What Makes Good Flat Roofing/Felt Roofing?


Flat roofing used to have a poor reputation, largely down to “cowboy” companies operating in Oxford and the wider UK, building shoddy roofs that were the very opposite of durable. But nowadays, flat roofing is back in style and is highly favoured by Oxford homeowners. Modern flat roofs have longer lifespans, are easier to maintain (e.g with occasional, minor felt roof repairs), and can resist the highly temperamental British weather. As such, flat roofing and felt roofing can offer a fantastic alternative to pitched roofing. When properly installed and maintained, flat roofing built by Abingdon Felt Roofing can enjoy a surprisingly lengthy lifespan. But have you ever wondered what makes a quality flat roof?


Membrane: The membrane is arguably the most important aspect of the roof. It waterproofs the roof, and also allows water to run off it (as it is tilted at a slight angle). Abingdon Felt Roofing offer bituminous felt roofing and GRP Fibreglass flat roofing, both of which are excellent at keeping the water out. We can also conduct felt roof repairs such as weatherproofing, ensuring your Oxford property is protected even in periods of particularly inclement weather.


Suitable deck: With flat roofing, a roof doesn’t just have to be a roof! Far more customisable than pitched roofing, you might like to consider installing a roof garden on your felt roofing, which is popular in particularly built-up areas of Oxford. You might also like to use flat roofing as a base for an additional power source for your commercial property with solar panels.


Think of the deck as a foundation upon which the flat roofing is built on. It should be designed with how much weight the roof will be exposed to firmly in mind, and the method of attachment should also be given some thought. Abingdon Felt Roofing only use top quality materials as roofing decks, and bond felt roofing with modern resins.


Ventilation: If insulation is to sit between joists, there must be sufficient ventilation. Otherwise, the flow of air may be restricted, which could lead to a build-up of moisture via condensation. This could mean problems like damp.  Our modern felt roofing contains a vapour transmission layer, making the material “breathable”.


Falls: Flat roofing needs to be able to cope with rainfall before it puddles and becomes “standing water”. It may achieve this through having a certain slope in its joists. If not, you may require cut-to-falls insulation. Falls in the structure can be created by changing the height of supporting beams/purlins, using tapered supports, or by adding firring pieces before the deck is laid. Is your felt roofing failing to clear surface water quickly?  Give us a call for fast and affordable felt roof repairs in Oxford seven days a week.


U-Value: Building regulations rule that flat roofing must achieve certain U-values, whether they’re new or refurbished. A U-value is a measure of how effective a material, such as bituminous felt roofing, is as an insulator. The lower the U-value, the better the material is as a heat insulator. The roof must live up to the U-value expectations of the local Oxford building control body, which sets the minimum allowed value. All of our flat roofing, felt roofing and roofing refurbished by felt roof repairs meet with both local and national guidelines and U-values.

Abingdon Felt Roofing’s contractors are trained and approved to fit bituminous felt roofing and GRP fibreglass flat roofing. Call us today on 01235 239 631 to book us or find out more.

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