Flat and Felt Roofing in Didcot
Our Local Roofers Answer Your Questions

The modern materials used by Abingdon Felt Roofing make flat roofing surfaces more durable and require very little in terms of maintenance. Torch-on felt and EPDM rubber have made the roofing sector safer and more efficient. We’ve laid flat roofs and have undertaken felt roof repairs in the Didcot area over a quarter of a century. This puts us in a trusted position with domestic and commercial customers across Oxfordshire, including Abingdon and Kidlington.

On this page, we answer some of the most common questions received by our local roofers:

Why is water pooling on my flat roof?

The term “flat roofing” is a misnomer. Our local roofers will construct flat roofs at a slight angle. This allows rainwater to run away to the lowest edge. The slope diverts rainwater into the guttering, where it flows through a downpipe and into the drainage system of your Didcot property. If you have pooled water on your roof, it indicates a structural problem.

Call our local roofers to arrange a prompt inspection. It may be the case that the timber deck needs replacing.

How often should I have flat roofing inspected?

Have felt roofing inspected every two years, ideally during the spring so we can check the impact of the winter months. You should also inspect soon after heavy rain or snow so that you know water isn’t pooling. Before attempting an inspection, make sure you can access flat roofing safely.

If the Didcot area has been hit by a major storm, don’t step on the roof. If we need to walk on the roof ourselves to perform felt roof repairs, we lay boards to spread the weight more evenly.

Can you repair flat roofs, or do they need reroofing?

If it’s clear where the leak is and you can see what caused it, and if you are positive that the flat roofing is generally in good condition, our local roofers can carry out minor felt roof repairs. However, if the whole roof is compromised, then replacing it might be the best option. We will always be honest, upfront and 100% transparent in our evaluation.

Our track record for treating people fairly has earned our company a glowing reputation in Didcot and Oxfordshire.

When should I consider replacing or repairing my roof?

Flat roofing should have a 1:80 slope and a drainage system on its edges. Modern felt roofing contains a vapour layer for the transmission of moisture. Like GRP and EPDM, modern membranes are hardy and resistant to bad weather. They should withstand minor foot traffic and cope well in most weather conditions. Even direct sunlight shouldn’t impact IKO TGX membranes.

Anything that compromises expected performance could point towards you needing felt roof repairs at your Didcot property.

How are flat roofing materials applied?

GRP fibreglass flat roofing uses a polyester resin, fibre mats and a topcoat. EPDM is a type of rubber sheeting that rolls out onto the flat roofing structure. It uses a special tape to create seamless, watertight joins. With felt roofing from IKO, we use a membrane that contains bitumen and apply heat from a torch to melt it onto the surface of the roof deck.

The local roofers at Abingdon Felt Roofing mainly use IKO TGX felt roofing and Firestone RubberCover™ EPDM sheets.

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer a 10-year guarantee on felt roofing work undertaken in Didcot and the surrounding areas. With generous guarantees available on rubber and felt roof repairs too, and with our 25 years of trade experience, we can achieve standards that other local roofers aspire to but, sadly, will very rarely match. This makes Abingdon Felt Roofing a true flat roofing expert.

Whatever you need, and wherever in Oxfordshire that you need it, we’ll be there to provide a fast, responsive service.

Call our local roofers on 01235 239631. We cover Didcot as a specialist in felt and EPDM flat roofing repairs.
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