Felt Roof Repairs
in Didcot, Kidlington and the Surrounding Oxfordshire Area

Although they have been used overseas since the 1960s, modern materials like EPDM rubber and GRP fibreglass have recently superseded felt roofing in the UK. This isn’t to say we don’t lay felt anymore, but as time has gone by, other local roofers have stopped training in its use. Here at Abingdon Felt Roofing, we know that the Oxfordshire area is steeped in tradition. Our customers know this too, and many prefer to stick with felt to help maintain these traditions.

For the benefit of all customers, domestic or commercial, we undertake felt roof repairs in Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Kidlington, Oxford, Wantage and Witney. We can also perform new installations and reroof existing structures.

Our product of choice is IKO torch-on felt.

Abingdon Felt Roofing chooses IKO TGX membranes because they have glass and polyester reinforcement. This gives the product good dimensional stability, which the manufacturer further enhances by coating each membrane with a modified polymer bitumen. When used for flat roofing repairs, this felt product delivers excellent performance in high temperatures and doesn’t mark or damage easily during the installation process.

The upper side of the membrane has a green mineral granule finish and a sacrificial film on the underside that melts when our local roofers apply heat. It is this film that promotes adhesion, and which helps the side flaps to bond.

  • IKO felt roofing uses a safe torch-on application method

  • Suitable for use on pitched and flat roofing

  • Practical for new installations and felt roof repairs

The Benefits of Felt Roofing

Felt roofing still has a series of benefits that help it keep its popularity with our Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Kidlington, Oxford, Wantage and Witney customers. It has a lightweight design that makes it perfect for small structures, like sheds, garages and other lightweight builds. In terms of cost, felt is low in price and makes for a good budget choice.

It is easy to perform felt roof repairs because contractors can patch in with IKO membranes quite easily. Our own local roofers can cut and join felt to cover structures of any size.

The lifespan of felt roofing is longer than most people might first imagine. It can last for up to 15 years, but with daily exposure to direct sunlight, it can warp and become brittle sooner. Also, patch repairs can leave felt looking scruffy. Even so, we believe the IKO TGX membranes used by our local roofers are the best available to anybody in Oxfordshire needing flat roof repairs now, but who won’t want to spend more on rectification work just a few years down the line.

Abingdon Felt Roofing covers a 50-mile radius of Oxford and, in addition to Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Kidlington, Wantage and Witney, we can travel to jobs anywhere else in the county or, indeed, in Buckinghamshire or the Cotswolds.

Call our local roofers on 01235 239631. We cover Didcot, Kidlington and all areas near Oxford as a specialist in felt roof repairs.
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