Local Roofers in Wantage
The Friendly Face of Flat Roofing

Abingdon Felt Roofing is a trusted company of local roofers for all locations in Oxfordshire, including Wantage and Kidlington. We are flat roofing specialists with experience in EPDM rubber and felt roof repairs. Our roofers use quality materials from Firestone and IKO, which we blend with our own friendly brand of customer service. Because we also take on installations and replacements, it’s safe to say that everything you could ever need from a company is available from us under just one roof.

Please excuse the pun!

There are numerous benefits to working with local roofers. Abingdon Felt Roofing has covered Wantage for more than 25 years. We supplement our experience in felt roof repairs by installing, repairing and reroofing in EPDM rubber.

Flat roofing is our area of expertise. Please contact us to organise a free roofing inspection and quotation.

Testimonials from Local Homeowners

When you choose a company of local roofers, you instantly have access to their history in the Wantage area. When a customer uses Abingdon Felt Roofing, we invite them to complete an assessment of our services. We do this via Checkatrade, the leading customer review website for small businesses across the UK. See what homeowners across all Oxfordshire areas have to say about our services, including:

We also keep references and testimonials sent out to us by local customers who have been delighted with the way our roofers go about the job, and with their workmanship.

Local Knowledge

Our local roofers are from Oxfordshire, too, so they understand the Wantage area, the elements that can compromise flat roofing, and how changing temperatures damage the structure of felt. Roofing contractors from outside the area might not be as knowledgeable about the small quirks that local homeowners, people just like you, must deal with. They might also struggle to find their way around older rural properties in the region.

Abingdon Felt Roofing has a modern outlook but never forgets that even in an age where we use newer materials ourselves, customers have far fewer choices for felt roof repairs. That’s why we use the latest torch-on felt membranes from IKO.

A Part of the Community

There is one underlying reason for Abingdon Felt Roofing to afford its customers the best possible standards of service. Our local roofers live in the same area as you do, so we need to be on our toes when it comes to the quality of our flat roofing installations and felt roof repairs. We can’t afford to get things wrong because word travels fast in smaller communities. We only want the rumour mill to be positive!

If you live in Wantage or any of the surrounding areas, and if you need a company of local roofers you can trust implicitly, please make Abingdon Felt Roofing your first port of call.

Call our local roofers on 01235 239631. We cover Wantage as a specialist in felt and EPDM flat roofing repairs.
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