Flat Roofing in Bicester | Felt Roofing Installation and Repair Services

Abingdon Felt Roofing takes immense pride in its services, and in providing customers from Bicester with flat roofing that is built to last. Flat roofs require minimal maintenance. With more than 25 years of experience in EPDM flat roofing repairs and felt roof repairs, our knowledgeable team can deliver an installation that will protect your home or business from all weather conditions. We cover all locations in Oxfordshire.


As well as undertaking flat roofing repairs, we also correct substandard work undertaken by other companies. Abingdon Felt Roofing leaves your Bicester property with a durable covering.


What is Felt Roofing?

The membranes we use for felt roof repairs contain two to three layers of sheeting which are bonded together with adhesive or bitumen. They contribute to a safe, simple process on flat roofing repairs in Bicester, but the job still requires exceptional care. We never leave wrinkles in felt roofing or gaps around the edges. Overlapping ensures that felt roof repairs offer protection against the elements.


Felt roofing can last for 15 years or more, dependant on how exposed the surface is to the elements. EPDM flat roofing repairs can last much longer. EPDM and felt are the two most cost-effective ways of protecting Bicester homes and workplaces from the weather. If you are considering us for EPDM flat roofing repairs or felt roof repairs, call us now.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs to give your Bicester property lasting protection.


We perform flat roofing repairs on installations of any size. From smaller domestic projects, to large-scale commercial reroofs, Abingdon Felt Roofing brings a wide range of skills to the job. We can even undertake emergency EPDM flat roofing and felt roof repairs in Bicester on a responsive basis.


Felt roofing work is usually straightforward but sometimes, the material bubbles or blisters if water penetrates the felt.

This usually happens through small cracks or holes in the material. Left untreated, it can lead to a much bigger problem. Once we’ve undertaken EPDM flat roofing repairs or felt roof repairs, we check the rest of your installation to make sure there are no other issues to deal with.


Flat roofing and felt roofing are a passion to our company, and we treat all installations as if they were our own.

Call our roofing contractors on 01235 239631. We cover Bicester as a specialist in felt roof and EPDM flat roofing repairs.

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