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Abingdon Felt Roofing has undertaken EPDM flat roofing and felt roof repairs in Banbury, domestically and commercially, for more than 25 years. We undertake flat roofing repairs to the highest possible standard. If you have a leaking roof, what would you do next? Would you decide to have your flat roofing replaced or will you come to our company for repairs? We can install, repair or reroof, anywhere in Oxfordshire.


On this page, we offer advice to property owners in Banbury with leaking roofs and explain what their next step should be; either a new installation, or EPDM or felt roof repairs.


The first thing our contractors do during an inspection is to check for holes in the flat roofing structure of your Banbury home or business. Also, they look to see if there are any cracks at the joins or around the edges. Rain doesn’t pool if it can run from the flat roofing surface into guttering.


Rainwater can penetrate older felt roofing layers. This causes the timber deck to rot in places you’d least expect, so we make sure we check the boarding and the surface thoroughly.


Leaks in flat roofing often come down to the use of low-end materials, rotted timber or shoddy construction work. If water has pooled in the middle of a flat roof, this is usually a sign that the structure has weathered past a natural bending position. When this happens, it can no longer drain water away from your Banbury property. Basic flat roofing repairs might not be enough, and a complete reroof could be more suitable.


Because we specialise in Firestone EPDM flat roofing repairs and felt roof repairs in IKO membranes, home and business owners trust us to keep their properties dry and protected.


At Abingdon Felt Roofing, we guarantee the delivery of lasting quality, first-hand experience and unrivalled care in all aspects of our work. Our flat roofing contractors will only insist on a brand-new EPDM installation or felt roof repairs if we deem them necessary. We only recommend a course of action after a thorough inspection of your Banbury property.

If the job needs EPDM flat roofing repairs or IKO felt roof repairs rather than a reroof, that’s exactly what we’ll provide for you and not the most expensive option.


Abingdon Felt Roofing offers domestic and commercial flat roofing services using materials which ensure a longer lifespan and better protection against the elements. Our flat roofing repairs and installations cope well with all common problems related to water ingress and rainwater runoff.

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